Preview and free treatment and other services provided by Dr. Ali Al-Shammari, a member of the provincial council in Najaf for needy families registered at the guidance center of Najaf. A woman who has lost seven members of her family is appealing to benefactors to help her to settle down instead of having to constantly live with relatives Guidance center of Najaf Established the third training course in the field of education cutting and sewing at the Hall Center with the participation of 20 beneficiaries
A widow salwa abdul-Mahdi receives gas oven, television table and sum of money through donations from benefactors Guidance center of Najaf, distributes food baskets to 40 families have registered after donated by benefactors. Guidance centre of Najaf holding healthy seminar titled (Environment and Community Health), speaker Dr. Mahdi Silawi, professor at that faculty of Medicine / Unversity of Kufa
The young orphan Noor Ghalib has undergone two surgical operations thanks to donations by philanthropists and the ongoing efforts of the Najaf Centre Citizens Advice and Care Centre (Najaf branch) purchase a mobile home for orphans Najaf Advice Centre grants loans (for the purchase of supplies and textiles) to the beneficiaries of the charitable programme supporting start-up businesses
One benefactors donations enabled the Najaf Care Centre to distribute 30 food baskets to poor families Injured youngster cannot afford medical fees or the requisite milk hopes to return to work to provide for his family Appeal: widow says she and her orphaned children did not have anything to eat the morning of our visit
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