Can you make a difference for a family of six orphans life


Citizen Advice and Care Centre/Baquba:

Kawther Masuod, a widow and a mother of six has visited the centre asking for help. Two of her children are sick; Hend Hammed is suffering from serious heart problem and high arteries pressure. By mistake Hend has swallowed a needle and it is so difficult to make a surgery to take the needle out her bowels because of the heart problem. The second child Barik Hammed is suffering from abnormality in his bladder and he has done five operations so far and he needs another one. The mother has no income and she needs your urgent help please.

For more details please contact the centre on

Tel: 009647481604163 or 009647711386077

0r 009647808878051

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter


Shahira Al-Othmani

التعليق على الخبر، أضغط هنا
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