Mohammed a 14 year old boy requires significant financial support for replacement of his limbs

MOHAMMED REDHA KAREEM is a 14-year-old boy who had all four limbs amputated following an incident whereby he was electrocuted after coming in contact with the main line electricity cables that had fallen to the ground after a storm.  Both arms were amputated above the elbows and both legs from just below the knees.


After being fitted with cosmetic arms, the school Mohammed attended rejected him on the basis that the cosmetic arms had no function to enable writing. Fully functional mechanical arms (requiring nerve implants) are not available in Iraq, and thus, for the past year, he has been without any form of schooling.


Mohammed requires significant financial support for replacement of his limbs with high-quality prosthetics, physical and psychological rehabilitation and adaptations to his home and environment.  His application for financial assistance/incapacity benefit from the Directorate of Social Security in Najaf, Iraq has been declined.


We are appealing for your support to enable Mohammed to experience the joys of living and learning like any other 14-year-old boy. This can only be achieved through generous donations that will enable Mohammed to receive the required prosthetics which will ultimately provide him with greater mobility, confidence, and psychological well-being.


For more information and to support Mohammed, please contact:


Hayder al-Hassan at Al Shakiry-Najaf Centre

Tel:  00964 7808298306


Pamela Adams at Iraqi Charities Forum

Tel:  0044 (0)208 450 5244


Or go to: DONATE NOW


Thank you for your support


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