Citizens Advice and Care Centre distributed 7 sewing machines for widows

BAGHDAD - Citizens Advice and Care Centre (Al Bayaa district).

Within the project of the charity fund for support small Businesses, on Wednesday 11/4/2012 the second batch of two types of sewing machines (industrial and domestic usage) has been distributed on the number of new beneficiaries registered with Citizens Advice and Care Centre (Al Bayaa). The number of machines has reached 7 with their accessories, including 5 industrial and 2 domestic machines.

According to the wholesale price, the cost of an industrial machine has reached 290.000 dinars and domestic machine 110.000 dinars, note that the seller had reduced the price after knowing that the machines are for the widows and the most vulnerable segment of people.

To donate, please contact us at:

Baghdad - Citizens Advice and Care Centre/ Al Bayaa

Phone: 07808874118



Address: Baghdad / Al Bayaa / locality 817 / Alley 6/95 House



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