Norah has infected with a fish scale disease, she requires aid to ensure the treatment and medication expenses.

Diyala - Citizens Advice and Care Centre / Baaquba branch

Within the weekly visits programs that carried out by the staffs centre in order to check the poor families and desperate widows, Norah Basim Dawid ’s family have been recognized. She is 8 years old, infected from birth with the fish scale disease and over time her health condition has been deteriorated that has reached the stage of temporary lose of sight when she goes to the sunlight.

Her treatment is expensive but the same cases being treated at Dr. Khalifa Al Sharji in Baghdad. Note that the treatment needs multi- therapy sessions with an expensive medication.

The girl’s family came to the centre to appeal to people for any possible assistance for her treatment.

God Bless you
Adaweya Zubaidi

For more information and assistance please contact us via:

citizen Advice and Care Centre/ Baaquba branch
Address: Diyala, Baaquba, the new, Al Hajea river, near the Directorate of Municipalities, Baaquba
Email :

Or call 07481604163

Or 07711386077
Or 07808878051

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