Urgent appeal from a father to save his ill son (Muamal)

Citizen Advice and Care Centre/ Al Najaf Branch

The child Muamal Sabah Jawad, aged 6 years (born: 15/11/2006), infected with Thalassemia and he needs marrow spinal cord transplantation, the operation is not feasible in Iraq but it is possible in Italy, the cost is estimated at $250,000.


However the (Thalassemia Association in Nineveh) cooperative with an Iraqi hospital in Italy receives only 10 children a year and they approved the treatment expenses, they have also been shown their willingness to help the child Muamal.


But one of the vital conditions of the association is that the donor’s spinal tissue must match 100% the patient’s tissue,

the patient must be in a good health and not suffering from any other diseases.


And because the donor is the younger brother of the patient Muamal, was decided to implement the matching tissue between the patient and four of his relatives includes (father, mother, brother, cousin). This examination will be conducted exclusively in Syria and cost $200 per medical check.


If the result is 100% successful, the child will be placed on the list with other children whom will be treated in Italy 2013.

And because of the family’s financial difficulty, where the father is an office worker and what derived from his job covers the household expenses.


They are in desperate need to receive the amount of 2,000,000 – 250,000,000 Iraqi dinars, which is about $2000,  for the medical examination, food, travel and accommodation in Syria.

So far they have received donation of  around $700.

Note that what is required is to speed up the medical examination procedures, so please as a humanitarian call to you to make donation for the benefit of the child Muamal treatment through:

Citizen Advice and Care Centre/ Al Najaf Branch

For more information and assistance please contact us via: Citizen Advice and Care Centre/Al Najaf branch


التعليق على الخبر، أضغط هنا
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