Iraqi child from a deprived and vulnerable family urgently needs a hearing aid, in order to continue his academic and normal life.

Citizen Advice and Care Centre/ al Nasiriyah branch


Child Hussein Jassim, (born 02/05/2001) lives in Karama Bani Saaed in Thi-Qar Province. He suffers from total hearing loss in one ear, and partial deafness in the other. His condition has had a severe impact on his ability to lead a normal life and attend to his studies.

His family has extreme financial difficulties and as such are unable to afford the cost of resolving this problem. He requires a hearing aid to free him from suffering and to give him the ability to lead a normal life like any other child. The cost is 500,000 Iraqi dinars which is about $400.

For more information and assistance please contact us via: Citizen Advice and Care Centre/ Nasiriyah Branch

Telephone: 07804417973

التعليق على الخبر، أضغط هنا
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