Ophthalmologist indicates its dedication to examine enclosed cases for the Nasiriyah Citizen Advice and Care Centre



Citizen Advice and Care Centre/ Nasiriyah Branch


The ophthalmologist Dr. Ghassan Hamad Fadhil Al Najar showed his readiness to preview the cases of patients referred to him from the Nasiriyah Centre, free of charge.

As to be mentioned Dr. Ghassan offers a lot of support to poor patients.


On the other hand Ms. Muna, the president of the Women’s Committee/ Nasiriyah Province, has shown her commitment to fully cooperate with the Citizen Advice and Care Centre/ Nasiriyah administration office. Thus the staffs of the centre immediately send 6 transactions related to the reviewers for the purpose of facilitating the process of services provision.


To volunteer and provide assistance, please contact us via: Citizen Advice and Care Centre/ Nasiriyah Branch


For further information please read through:



Who are we?

Shakiry Charity for Social Solidarity (SCSS), registration number IZ70166 is a charitable organization (NGO) registered in Iraq.  The Charity is headed by its Founder and major contributor, Mr Abdul Saheb Shakiry, and has been operative since 2006.  Shakiry Charity aims to serve as an “umbrella” organization providing sponsorship, funding, supervision and management for a number of Citizen Advice and Care Centres positioned throughout Iraq.


What is the function of the Citizen Advice and Care Centres?

The Centres seek to provide services and, in addition, offer advice & Information on all kind of Rights & Duties under applicable laws, free of charge to all citizens in Iraq, irrespective of class, race, religious or ethnic group.  The Centres provide a haven of support to the homeless (particularly widows, divorcees, and orphans), the unemployed, disabled and those suffering with health and/or social problems. 


Aims of Citizen Advice and Care Centres:

  • Establish Centres of Information throughout Iraq which will provide guidance and advice to citizens in respect of their Citizen Rights and Duties, and to enable them to overcome the difficulties they face in explaining their needs effectively


  • To ensure that the needs (as well as complaints) of the clients who visit the Centres are clearly heard, understood and accurately represented when presented before higher authorities (as, and when required).


  • To defend the Rights of the People, and campaign for these Rights to be heard and adopted.


  • To facilitate and assist in resolving legal and living problems.  Provide information and necessary guidance, and also to influence decision-makers to improve the level of services and social policies at both local and national level.


How are these services provided?

The Centres employ the services of skilled and trained Advisors/Councillors who guide the client, through discussion, to understand and look for possible solutions to their problems, and further, assist and encourage them to take the necessary action required to address/resolve problems.  This is achieved through:

  • Face to face interviews, or similar means of communication to discover the nature of the client’s problem.
  •  Client’s personal information is collated and regularly updated on central data base for future use and follow-up.
  • Assist client to prioritise his problems in order that the best and fastest solution can be attained in the shortest period of time.
  • Referrals to specialists in complex cases.
  • Assistance with correspondence, completion of application forms on behalf of the client.
  • Liaison with relevant departments and Department of Human Welfare and Rights.
  • Assistance with contact and/or correspondence to various departments, companies, service or health providers and advice to client on follow up.

What Care is offered by the Centres?

Each Citizen Advice and Car Centres seeks to provide a “care” element to the population within its environs. 

  • Monthly financial support is extended to the most destitute children suffering with various disabilities.  This is made possible through regular committed Donors.
  • Supply of baby formula and fortified milk to encourage growth and wellbeing.
  • Supply of medicines
  • Financial support to encourage clients to travel to the Centres and visit relevant Authorities with the intention of resolving their problems.
  • A Charity Fund to support and develop small business initiatives whereby the client is provided with an interest-free loan and encouraged to develop products which are sold in return for cash.  Such cash provides money to sustain the family requirements, repay the loan and increase income.  (Current projects include The Power of the Sewing Machine and the Bread Oven Project – see more information on our website).
  • Training programs with a view to getting people into work incorporating:


Psychological Rehabilitation

v   To heal and rebuild, and to instil reassurance and self confidence in their own ability and create self reliance.

v   Belief in the importance of work, and the possibility of success in overcoming the realities of poverty and unemployment.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

v   How to achieve and implement small projects

v   Ability to engage in feasibility studies and to establish economic projects

v   Identification and understanding different professions, trades, business and training requirements.

Technical Training (Vocational)

v   Identification of area of specialization based on the market needs

v   To determine the length of time for vocational training according to the trainee’s mental abilities, educational and cultural rights.

v   Develop and refine the professional skills held by the trainee.

v   Create or build skills

v   Identifying the needs of the production sector through the study of marketing products and services to small business owners, and seeking to secure machinery and equipment appropriate in terms of price and quantity.


How the Centres get funded?

The Centres depend on the support that has been provided by the Shakiry Charity for Social Solidarity as well as contributions from institutions (governmental and NGOs), companies and individuals.

We call upon everyone to make generous contributions and donations in the following areas:

  • Charity Fund to support small projects
  • Rehabilitation and training of job seekers
  • Sponsorship and donations for orphans and children suffering with disabilities
  • Provision of treatment and medication
  • The role and contribution of shops and areas for new Centres
  • Support of mentors working in the Centres of Care and Advice
  • Volunteering support, training and developing volunteers’ skills.

Can you donate some of your time?

  • This could be a few hours every day or every week at our offices (in London)
  • Attendance  at one of our centres (in Iraq)
  • Giving your phone number for potential employees to call you to take advice or guidance (in Iraq)
  • To contribute and volunteer in the following departments:

v  Counselling services to clients at the Centres, and over the telephone and Internet

v  Department of Public Relations

v  Department of Information, Data Collection and Media Promotions

v  Department of Fundraising

v  Department of Administration, Projects, Programs and Activities

v  Department of Rehabilitation and Vocational Training

v  Department of Field Study to study and discuss the problems and needs of the community

v  Department of Marketing


To Volunteer or donate, please contact us at:



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