Urgent appeal from a mother of deaf and dumb girl in need of a headset to be able to hear 100%

Nour Ali, she is Iraqi Girl from Al-bayaa district of Baghdad.

She is   suffering from congenital deaf and dumb. The ENT consultant decided to put her headset (a Canadian-made worth $ 600) to enable her to hear normal.

Note that Nour  desperately needed to install this headset, So she can  live normally and be able to communicate with her ​​family and the rest of the children around her, In order to get rid of nervous frenzy  Which infects  her  from time to time(because of the Deaf).  In addition to the speaker that will save her from danger, because of her inability to hear the sounds that come from around it. Where she had an accident almost killed her.

But the only problem that hinders the hearing of this child is that her family has extreme financial difficulties, her father a daily wage worker, and his income was barely enough to support his family members. Add to that  her family lived in a rented apartment with her ​​father's relatives.

 Thus, the girl's mother appeals to people, that they may contribute to the assistance required to purchase a headset for her child.

For more information and assistance please contact us via:

Citizen Advice and Care Centre Baghdad –Al-bayaa 

Phone: 07808874118




Address: Baghdad / Al-bayaa  / محلة 817/زقاق6/دار 95

For further reading please click on the link below:



التعليق على الخبر، أضغط هنا
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