A group of generous people from US has donated an amount of $ 1000 for the benefit of two needy children:( Muamal Sabah and Muhammad Karim).


Citizen Advice and Care Centre/ Al Najaf Branch

Ms. Sahar Ali, an Iraqi “charity donor” who lives in United States, has showed her dedication to work voluntary with the Shakiry Orphans for Social Solidarity. She did well to get more donations for Iraqi Children with disabilities and managed to raise funds of $1000 within a very short time. The donations collected from a group of kind-hearted people are Ali Alsabea, Ban Aldujali, Mervet Isterabadi, Zaineb Ridha, Hanan Mirjan also live in USA.

The donation will be allocated as follows:

Muamal Sabah who is infected with Thalassemia needs the marrow spine implantation surgery, will receive the amount of $602.

Note that, the amount will help Muamal Sabah with implementation of all the necessary medical examination which also included his travel to Italy next year, within the afforded fund from an Italian hospital, and with the other ten Iraqi children.

Muhammad Karim, who needs limbs replacement. He will receive an amount of $398 dollars; to purchase of two artificial feet from Germany.

To be mentioned that, Muhammad Karim, 14-year-old boy, whose limbs had been amputated from an electrocution accident when the main power cables fell on the ground by the storm, as he lost his both arms above the elbows and legs under the knees, he needs magnificent financial support for the artificial limbs replacement with high standard. This support will also help him physically, psychologically and socially to adapt in order to return to the normal life.

To provide assistance to children with disabilities, orphans or poor people, you can contact us at the following link:


Citizen Advice and Care Centre- Najaf Branch


Email address: najaf@shakiry.com


Phone: 009647808298306

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