An Iraqi man donates to pay salaries for 67 orphans and widows that registered at Baya Branch.



  Bagdad – Citizens Advice and Care Centre (Baya  Branch)


One of the Iraqi benefactors (he wishes to stay anonymous) donates and helps some needy families that suffer because of their bad financial situations, they desperately need help and aid to support their children after the loss of their breadwinner. Each beneficiary received 75 thousand Iraqi Dinar($60) of this grant. The number of the beneficiaries has reached 67 persons, (18) widows (49) orphans.


Knowing that the generous donor has promised to provide the same amount every three months on regular bases.


For more information and to donate please contact us via:


Tel: 00442084525244


Translated by Yahia Abushunar

التعليق على الخبر، أضغط هنا
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