Mustafa (cerebral palsy patient) suffers from an increase in epileptic seizures, he is in need of urgent financial assistance to enable him to see doctors


Citizens Advice and Care Centre (Al-Najaf  Branch)

On the 28/5/2012 a cadre from the Citizens Advice and Care Centre made site visit to the family of the (disabled) child Mustafa Muhammad Abood, registered at the Centre, in order to check his family health and social reality closely.

They found that child aged 8 years is a patient of cerebral palsy, and recently has suffered from an increase in epileptic seizures in range of ( 10 seizures daily), because of  the lack of meditational referral . The child visited a doctor whom prescribed for him a medicine which increased his sleeping hours, because of that the mother had a recommendation to visit Dr. Haidar Al-Baka (neurological Specialist) in order to check the child in a professional and detailed way with medical reports show his health status.


Al-Najaf Centre previously gave the milke aid (pediasure) for the child which the centre normally gives to cerebral palsies patients in order to help them to get proper nutrition.  Which show that (the milk aid) had improved his health.


It should be noted that the family’s financial situation is very poor, as the father works on a daily payment basis and earns  barely  enough to cover the family needs, there are five members of the family. He does not have enough money to cover treatment and test costs for his son who is in dire need of immediate financial help.


Here is a video that  shows the child status :


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