Child (Wa’ad) .. six years old need to buy extra medicine cost around (600$) and it will get rid of tumour in the brain which became effecting his behaviours


Citizens Advice and Care Centre (Al-Najaf  Branch)

Child (Wa’ad Fadel)  six years old, registered at our Centre (Reg no/135)

got a behavioural disorders and  bad temper because of water bag in the left lobe of the brain.


Child Wa’ad needs a medicine to control the tumour or reduce its size; then get rid of it completely which is an Inflammation of the brain. And this remedy spouse to last for 6 months, and the child needs two strips of tablets each month. The hospital provides him one tablet of (stratteral) and the mother has to buy the other one from Forat Centre for neural science; because it does not exist in other pharmacies. The strip cost is 130,000 Iraqi Diner which is around: 100$. That’s mean that the mother has to buy 6 strips to be enough for 6 months which is the treatment period.


It should be noted that the child when he tried this medicine for a period of one month, it was observed that his behaviours had changed for the better as he became more calm and serenity than before. When he examined by MRI they found the tumour has reduced by half a centimetre.


This child needs supplemental medicine along with the  periodic tests,  But the mother (divorced) can’t offer such expenses, because she lives on a Social care salary, which could barely be enough for the family needs(that contains 3 sons).

They live at the grandfather’s  house with an uncle and disabled aunt. But the house they all in is a property for others, and they let them live in it for free to help them.  

Now the mother asking help to buy this medicine for her son, which costs 780,000 Diner about 600$ for six months.


For more information and to donate please contact us via:



For more information and to donate please contact us via:


Citizens Advice and Care Centre (Al-Najaf  Branch)


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