Fatima … a young heart patient, her bad financial conditions prevent her from buying some necessary medicines, will you be able to help her?


Citizens Advice and Care Centre (Al-Najaf  Branch)

The patient Fatima Hamza (birth /1984), registered at our Centre (File no/167) is suffering from Cardiomyopathy and incompetence of coronary valve since she got Rheumatism a few years ago. As a result of being infected with the most serious types of heart disease which led her to difficulty of doing acts of life, she got some minor illnesses such as incompetence of kidneys, breathing difficulties and continued joint pain. All of that because of Cardiomyopathy prevent the blood to reach other parts of the body in appropriate way. That  reduce their efficiency and functions. All the doctors said there is no cure for this disease.

The patient family does not have a home and they live at a school in Aljadiah Rabah in Al Najaf, Where the father work as a guard for the school.

This family contain 7 members whom live in very poor circumstances, as the father’s income is not enough to cover life expense for the family. In addition they have 14 years old boy whom suffering from Schizophrenia.


Moreover, the patient Fatima needs heart medicines and addition diuretics for kidneys disease and breathing difficulties along with monthly check and sonar test. She needs 100,000 Iraqi Diner about 80$ monthly to cover the treatment expenses. Because of her bad financial conditions and not having a Social care salary yet, she stopped buying some medicines and take the important ones.


Bearing this case to you, please provide what you can to help the patient Fatima to be able to cover required medication expenses.


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Citizens Advice and Care Centre (Al-Najaf  Branch)




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