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1- Mr. A S Shakiry Chair - for more info visit the personal website www.shakiry.com


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2- Mr. Kamil Al-Sharifi Vice-chair

Graduated with a BSC in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Baghdad in1959, and obtained his MSc from UMIST, UK in 1976. After 27 Years of working in the Ministry of Oil in Iraq he then went on to work in charities such as the Iraqi Welfare Association and in 2004 he went on to become one of the founders for Iraqi Charities Forum. Since then he has been working as a dedicated and full time volunteer. Not only does he hold the position of Vice Chair but he is also in charge of all administration works as well as being one of the main decision makers from the ICF office in London. 





3- Mrs. Hanna Field Treasurer

Since graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Physics and Maths from the University of Basra (Iraq 1982) and an MSc nn Operational Research from the University of Strathclyde in 1985, Mrs Field has had extensive experience in helping the community. She was one of the founders for all of the following organisations:

Brent Refugee Welfare Association: an organisation developed to assess needs of the refugees.
Granada Institute of Technology: a training institute for training of the unemployed.
Iraqi Welfare Association – Surrey: An organisation to support the Iraqi community in Surrey.
IRG (Iraqi Restructuring Group).
West London Women Refugee Forum 04/05.
Before becoming a the treasurer for the Iraqi Charities Forum she was on the the management committee for the Islamic Council for the Iraqi Community in Britain and many other projects including the following:

The Counselling group for the Muslim Community as a partnership with Al-Nisa organisation.
Community Needs Assessment within the Iraqi Community in North West London. Funded by the Lottery Community Development Programme.
Community Engagement project about the Drugs Misuse Needs Assessment carried out by the Iraqi Welfare Association, Funded by the Department of Health
Building Capacity to Respond to Drug Misuse in London’s Refugee and Asylum Seeking Communities, Funded by Greater London Authority (GLA) 

Mrs Field was very active in setting up the ICF and proudly continues to work with us on all our projects and spread the word about the work that we do in Iraq




4- Mr. Ahmad Al-Halfi Secretary - Arabic

Graduated with a BSC in Soil Reclamation from Basra University in 1980 and an Msc in Environmental Pollution Science Course in Center from Brunel University in 2005. Mr Al Halfi worked as a volunteer with the Iraqi Marshland Relief in London from 2000 – 2002. He also did voluntary work for Iraqi Orphan Care organization in London in December 2003 and continues to support Iraqi orphans. In addition to his extensive charitable work he has had experience working with Iraq’s media for several years. He participated in the accounting of the Iraqi Transitional National Assembly Election for Iraqis living abroad and is currently working as an agricultural minister for Iraq.




5- Mr Walid A Amir Alwan Trustee







6- Mrs. Eman Abass Trustee  



7- Mr. Haider Shakiry Trustee