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UNICEF defines an orphan as a child under 18 years of age who has lost one or both parents through death.

Since the launch of the Iraq War in 2003, the internal conflicts and struggles continue.  This has had a profound effect on the long term health and suffering of children, especially orphans and those living below the poverty line.

UNICEF’s estimated statistics (2017) of orphans in Iraq is a staggering 5 million.  Due to the loss of a parent(s), usually the sole breadwinner in the family, many orphans face a life, and future, of extreme poverty – living under substandard unhygienic conditions, suffering from illnesses and malnutrition.  Such children do not even have the opportunity to attend school and get an education due to their extreme poverty.  

Shakiry Charity’s mission is to provide financial, emotional and in-kind support to poor orphans in Iraq so that all children may have an equal opportunity in life.  We can only achieve this with the support of dedicated Donors and our affiliated Partners (Citizen Care and Advice Centres) in Iraq. 

By Sponsoring an Orphan through our Orphan Programme the hardships orphans experience can be minimized and a child can enjoy the benefits of a happy and contented childhood – a Child’s Basis Right.

Sponsorship of an orphan costs only £20 per month (approximately 50p per day).  A minimum commitment of 12 months is required in order to provide continuity and security for the orphan concerned.  Contact between sponsors and orphans is encouraged.  Not only is this important for the Sponsor(as he/she knows who is benefitting from the donation), but also the Orphan (it shows the child that there is somebody who cares for him/her).  The Centres monitor and control all sponsorship to ensure the welfare of the named Orphan(s).

Please Sponsor an Orphan in Need

If you would like to find out more about our Orphan Programme, we welcome you to contact or visit our office in London.