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Basra Citizen Advice and Care Centre Staff continue the good work of distributing, food, clothing and other items to field areas.
13/07/2017     Help No: H080000241

Further to previous news (Https://, staff from our Shakiry Charity Shop distributed food, clothing, and household items to needy families registered with Basra Citizens Advice and Care Centre.  The items were delivered to outlying areas providing much relief to the beneficiaries who are unable to visit the shop because of their own personal difficulties, as well as distances to travel.

The distribution and delivery of quality food, clothing and household items from the Charity Shop is endorsed by the Shakiry Voucher Programme.  Currently, in excess of 150 families are benefitting from this programme and receiving vouchers to the value of 50,000 IQD (approx. £35) each.  These vouchers are then redeemed for food, clothing etc from the Charity Shop, according to the family’s needs.   Beneficiaries are required to acknowledge receipt of the Voucher by means of their signature.

The Staff of Basra Citizen Advice and Care Centre, as well as the Beneficiaries, extend their heartfelt appreciation and thanks to the many Donors who have contributed to this Programme and made it possible for families to survive and live with dignity.  Mr. Abdul-Sahib Shakiry, Chairman of Shakiry Charity is thanked for his generous donations to this Programme.


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Help No: H080000241
Donor(s) / المتبرعينBeneficiaries / المستفيدين
التاريخ Donor No / رقم المتبرع Amount / المبلغ
10/05/2017 (19) S50-0469 IQD 300,000 **
22/05/2017 (21) D50-0003 IQD 1,700,000 **
Beneficiray No. / رقم المستفيد Amount / المبلغ
B08-7235 IQD 50,000  
B08-7247 IQD 50,000  
B08-7251 IQD 50,000  
B08-7750 IQD 50,000  
B08-6549 IQD 50,000  
B08-5824 IQD 50,000  
B08-5058 IQD 50,000  
B08-6571 IQD 50,000  
B08-5252 IQD 50,000  
B08-5211 IQD 50,000  
B08-5038 IQD 50,000  
B08-5695 IQD 50,000  
B08-7200 IQD 50,000  
B08-5418 IQD 50,000  
B08-5438 IQD 50,000  
B08-5558 IQD 50,000  
B08-5428 IQD 50,000  
B08-5415 IQD 50,000  
B08-7767 IQD 50,000  
B08-6432 IQD 50,000  
B08-6602 IQD 50,000  
B08-6595 IQD 50,000  
B08-5796 IQD 50,000  
B08-5372 IQD 50,000  
B08-6870 IQD 50,000  
B08-7732 IQD 50,000  
B08-7752 IQD 50,000  
B08-6463 IQD 50,000  
B08-7141 IQD 50,000  
B08-6436 IQD 50,000  
B08-6951 IQD 50,000  
B08-7747 IQD 50,000  
B08-7739 IQD 50,000  
B08-5813 IQD 50,000  
B08-5003 IQD 50,000  
B08-7158 IQD 50,000  
B08-7125 IQD 50,000  
B08-7093 IQD 50,000  
B08-5353 IQD 50,000  
B08-5345 IQD 50,000  
Total IQD 2,000,000 Total IQD 2,000,000
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