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Delivery of Eid clothing to children
13/07/2017     Help No: H040000301

On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, to the joy of children and parents, Eid clothes were handed over from the Shakiry Charity shops.

60 orphans received clothing on this special occasion. The families thanked all who contributed to this wonderful work which brought such happiness and pleasure to the children.

The Beneficiaries of this kind and generous gesture extend their thanks to all who made Eid al-Fitr such a memorable occasion

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Help No: H040000301
Donor(s) / المتبرعينBeneficiaries / المستفيدين
التاريخ Donor No / رقم المتبرع Amount / المبلغ
08/05/2017 (19) D50-0567 IQD 300,000*
15/06/2017 (24) D50-0175 IQD 150,000 **
21/06/2017 (25) D50-4736 IQD 150,000 **
21/06/2017 (25) D50-0030 IQD 700,000 **
Beneficiray No. / رقم المستفيد Amount / المبلغ
B04-5687 IQD 150,000  
B04-4949 IQD 300,000  
B04-20-07-20-1680 IQD 150,000  
B04-7138 IQD 150,000  
B04-20-03-20-1844 IQD 700,000  
B04-6655 IQD 700,000  
B04-5682 IQD 150,000  
B04-7517 IQD 150,000  
Total IQD 1,300,000 Total IQD 2,450,000
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