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Fundraising Campaign to Sponsor Najaf Orphans
02/10/2017     Help No: H050000435

Fundraising Campaign to Sponsor Needy Orphans


The number of children who have become Orphans as a result of the war and ongoing insecurities in Iraq continues to increase. There is now an officially recorded 5 million Orphans in Iraq, although this number could be greater!


Most of these children are from poor families surviving below the poverty line.  These children live under tragic and difficult conditions, lacking the most basic necessities, such as food, drink, medicine and safe housing.


One of the most fundamental and important programmes of Shakiry Charity is our Sponsor an Orphan Programme. This month Najaf Citizens Care and Advice Centre are launching a fundraising campaign to raise awareness and seek sponsorship for the many orphans registered with Najaf Centre.


It only costs 25,000 IQD (approx. £15) per month to fully sponsor an orphan.  These children are so poor, that we welcome any generous donations which can be collected towards a full sponsorship (10,000 IQD/15,000 IQD/20,000 IQD), and which will provide a child with the basic necessities such as food, clothing, housing, school supplies, etc



Details of all registered Orphans can be found on our website.  From this, should you wish, you can identify a particular Orphan that you might like to support.


We trust that you will be able to respond to this Campaign by supporting a child who is suffering as result of being orphaned and living in poverty.  Please note that we do require sponsorship for 12 months to ensure continuity for the child.


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You can contact us at the following email:

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