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02/10/2018     Help No: H043020364

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Help No: H043020364
Donor(s) / المتبرعينBeneficiaries / المستفيدين
التاريخ Donor No / رقم المتبرع Amount / المبلغ
24/09/2018 (39) D50-0078 IQD 150,000 **
01/10/2018 (40) D50-0003 IQD 45,000 **
01/11/2018 (44) D50-0003 IQD 45,000 **
Beneficiray No. / رقم المستفيد Amount / المبلغ
B04-8344 IQD 150000  
B04-8347 IQD 45000  
Total IQD 240,000 Total IQD 195,000
Although all your donations are sent to beneficiaries in full, this might not show correctly in the website
    Donor No: D503047     Beneficiary No: B04-8344

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