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A poor and sick father appeals to people for human kindness and generosity.
15/11/2018     Help No: H043060374

Staff from Sadr City Branch visited the house of the poor and sick father (A.KHSH) who lives with his family in a rundown dilapidated house, unfit for living purposes.


The family comprises five individuals.  There is no breadwinner since the father suffers from several diseases, including diabetes and chronic inflammation of the pancreas, and his children are too young to work.


The family are unable to get birth certificates and identity documents in order for their children to go to school due to their difficult financial situation. Their house is unsuitable for living purposes, but they have no choice as they cannot afford to rent another house elsewhere.  In addition to the family's need for many household basic requirements, the entire house requires reconstruction.


This family urgently needs support, as follows: -


- A donation of 250.000 IQD (approx. £ 165) to buy a refrigerator.

- A donation of 100.000 IQD (approx. £65) to buy a cooker.

- A donation towards restoration of the house, especially the ground floor and the roof, of 500. 000 IQD (approx. £335)


This family appeals to the goodwill of generous people to extend a helping hand to help them out of the tragic situation in which they live.

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Help No: H043060374
Donor(s) / المتبرعينBeneficiaries / المستفيدين
التاريخ Donor No / رقم المتبرع Amount / المبلغ
18/12/2018 (51) D50-0405 IQD 50,000 **
Beneficiray No. / رقم المستفيد Amount / المبلغ
B04-10071 IQD 50,000  
Total IQD 50,000 Total IQD 50,000
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    Beneficiary No: B04-10071

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