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A poor widow and her four orphans appeal to good people to extend a helping hand.
29/11/2018     Help No: H050000422

Subsequent to a visit by Najaf staff, a follow-up visit again to the widow (Furat A.A), found that her and her family continued to exist living under very difficult conditions.


Following her husband's death, this poor woman was left to support her four school- going orphans (aged between 7-15 years).


Furat and the orphaned children live in a small rented house consisting of one room.  The family has no fixed source of income except for a benefit of 400,000 IQD (approx. £265) which they receive from the Department of Social Welfare every two months.



This family urgently needs: -


- Monthly sponsorship of 25.000 IQD (approx. £15) per each orphan per month.

 - A donation of 220.000 IQD (approx. £145) to purchase a refrigerator.

 - A donation of 120.000 IQD (approx. £ 80) to buy a cooker.


The branch staff appeal to good-hearted people to help this widow and her orphans

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Help No: H050000422
Donor(s) / المتبرعينBeneficiaries / المستفيدين
التاريخ Donor No / رقم المتبرع Amount / المبلغ
18/12/2018 (51) D50-0405 IQD 50,000 **
11/03/2019 (11) D50-0134 IQD 50,000
Beneficiray No. / رقم المستفيد Amount / المبلغ
B05-7840 IQD 100,000  
Total IQD 100,000 Total IQD 100,000
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    Beneficiary No: B05-7840

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