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Young man in the prime of life needs urgent help to save his life
31/03/2023     Help No: H040000596

Sadr City Branch:


 Young man in the prime of life needs urgent help to save his life


The desperate father of a young 23 year old man Muhammad N. J,  visited Sadr City Branch seeking financial support for his son who is suffering from brain cancer.


Muhammad is currently undergoing expensive chemotherapy treatment.  The cost of the treatment is placing a burden on his family, who have no source of regular income other than a small daily wage the father earns. This is barely enough to cover the daily living expenses of the family.


The patient needs regular medical reviews involving continuous analysis and examinations to monitor the progression of his illness and his response to treatment.  This requires large sums of money, and the family cannot provide for all his medical needs.


Muhammad’s family appeal through Al-Shakiry Charity to benevolent people to please extend a helping hand to help them save the life of their young son. 


This sick young man is in dire need of:

  • A donation of 1,000,000 IQD (approx. £6000) to contribute towards the cost of his treatment;  and to save his life from the clutches of death.


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    Beneficiary No: B04-16284