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08/11/2023     Help No: H503050089

London head office:  


Humanitarian Campaign to Help People with Special Needs


Shakiry Charity for Social Solidarity’s humanitarian campaign intends to reach out to the people in need, who are registered at one of our six Branches in Iraq. Our focus, in particular, is on children, the ill and disabled, and the elderly.  For those whose lives are physically compromised, we aim to provide special equipment that will enable them to live their lives as normally as possible.


We have several people, of all ages, who have special needs.  And now, we are in need of your kindness and generosity.  We ask you to please donate 160,000 IQD (approx. £100), towards the cost of buying a wheelchair, equipment for use in the bathroom, hospital beds, or other medical support systems for people with special needs,


Many citizens are distinguished through their work and generosity in their communities.  Yet there are those who are disadvantaged if they are unable to help themselves or others around them. 


In each disabled person, there is a heart that feels, hears, and sees, and has the determination of a normal human being


We ask you to please donate to our Humanitarian Campaign;  to reach out and support someone, whose life may be physically compromised, and to help them lead a more fulfilled life.


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You can contact us on the following email:
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