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28/02/2024     Help No: H500000122

London Head Office  


Annual humanitarian campaign to provide food baskets during the blessed months of Ramadan 


“Shall I direct you to a trade that will never fail”


Shakiry Charity for Social Solidarity, together with its branches and Al-Shakiry Charity Stores spread across Iraq, has begun preparations for the provision of  food baskets and necessary items, to be distributed to needy families during the blessed months (Rajab, Sha’aban, Ramadan).


We are relying upon honorable donors to reach out and donate generously to those less fortunate at this auspicious time.  

A donation of £30 (approx. IQD 50,000) will provide a food basket for a hungry, and needy family. 


These donations will constitute the main framework of our charitable, humanitarian work, and we encourage you to donate more, if you are able to do so.  You and your loved ones will be rewarded for your benevolent giving. 


Perhaps you may wish to donate in memory of a loved one.  This may be done through our Mercy Card program.



Oh God, grant us the consolation of those for whom you have limited your provision

Through whatever you have given us from your favors


Donations should be made to:

Shakiry Charity for Social Solidarity

Barclays Bank London

Account No: 50937932

Sort code: 20-96-55



To make a donation please click here
You can contact us on the following email:
London office contact number (closed on Saturday and Sunday):

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