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Desperate mother of 3 orphans needs your support
06/06/2024     Help No: H050000779

Najaf Branch:


Desperate mother of 3 orphans needs your support 


Staff from Najaf Branch visited the family of the poor widow Saadia H. A.  They found them to be living under extremely harsh conditions. Following the death of Saadia’s husband, this widow has been taking care of her three orphans on her own. The children are in full time education. 


This family lives in a ramshackle house that lacks basic necessities which Saadia cannot afford to buy due to her poor financial conditions.

This family does not have any income apart from a monthly social welfare allowance of 200.000 IQD (approx. £120).  They are dependant on the help of benevolent people to get by.  Though they are extremely grateful, this is not enough to meet their living requirements.


This family needs: 


-     Monthly Sponsorship of 25.000 IQD (approx. £15) for each orphan (x3)


-     A Donation of financial of 250.000 IQD (approx. £150) to buy a refrigerator.


-     A Donation of 100.000 IQD (approx. £60) to buy an oven to make bread. 


The Branch staff appeals to people of compassion to support this lady manage her difficult circumstances.

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