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Zahra wins the most inspring story award from the UN Women Make it Happen Competition

 We are pleased to announce that Zahra Al Bassam has just won the prize for the Most Inspiring Story award, from the United Nations Women Make it Happen Award! Read her story on this link, she truly is an inspiration to all the women who are suffering in Iraq.

We want to thank all the people who made this competition happen, and well done to all the women who got involved! We hope that this doesn't stop here and that people start to recognise the plight of Iraqi women, and the solutions that we are providing for them here at the Iraqi Charities Forum. Check out the latest progress for our Charity Bank for Small Businesses, the project that Zahra helped us train women in

We believe that whatever women have been through, they should at least have the right and the skills to support themselves independently and with dignity. Please spread the word and break the silence on the plight of women in Iraq- there are nearly 1,000,000 widows in Iraq, so many of them are mothers of children with disabilities Thousands of women as young as 12 are forced into sexual slavery - Despite all these traumatising and tragic effects of sanctions and war for over 30 years, we believe that with more support from the international community we can help them rebuild their families and their communities.

Please support women like Zahra, donate to our Charity Bank for Small Businesses so that we can buy more women sewing machines and teach them the business skills they need to support their families for generations to come.

Help us to continue to help Iraqi Women Make it Happen! Click here to donate

As with all ICF donations, we pay for the transfer and conversion fees so that all your money reaches those in need. Unlike most charities we have a 0% admin fee policy so that we can ensure the maximum benefit to those depending on us.  We can only carry on with the work we do with your support.