Distribution of 50 sewing machines and bread oven within the second batch of the charity fund for Small Businesses

Citizen Advice and Care Centre(Nasiriyah Branch) Iraq

Within the ceremony that held on Wednesday 25/04/2012 in Al Nassir district (70km) north of  Nasiriyah city, the distribution of the second batch of sewing machines and bread ovens has been completed as part of charity fund project for small businesses with the presence of Mrs Mariam  Al Nassiri(the director) and Mr. Hazim Al Matruki.

The number of the sewing machines in this batch reached 18, but the bread ovens reached with large size, made of iron (Plett), contain heat insulation with its complete accessories such as regulator, hose and filled gas bottle.

It should be noted that the first batch of the implementation of this project included the distribution of 27 industrial and domestic sewing machines over 27 beneficiaries in Nasiriyah centre on 21/04/2012. But because of the an urgent need to cover all areas of the province and not only the charity fund for small projects includes various poor areas in order to improve financial and standard living of many desperate families.

For more information, the citizen advice and care centre Nasiriyah Branch, was opened in January 2012 in (Tadhamin Charity) for the orphan care and rehabilitation. The centre offers its advice to the viewers within a week from ten to two afternoons.

The following is a brief summary of the project charity fund for small businesses:

1) The fund is to provide interest-free loans to employ widows, divorced and desperate women. Then either purchase bakery gas oven, and marketing, or to purchase industrial and domestic sewing machines in order to enable them to work and market their product.

2) Establishment of training sessions for those wishing to work, including cognitive rehabilitation in addition to vocational technical training to enable widows, poor and disadvantaged groups of society to setting up their own projects.

What is the future prospect of the fund charity?

Charity fund for small businesses seek to run the largest possible number of people, especially widows, divorced and disabled who are able to work and the desperate families.

How can you contribute to support the fund?

You are able, either individuals or institutions.

Firstly: to make voluntary contributions to expand the activities of the charity fund and to include other areas of work.

Secondly, purchase clothes that are produced by the beneficiaries of this charity fund to distribute over orphans and poor families.

For more information on how to donate money and give us your time, you can contact us at:

Citizen advice and care centre Nasiriyah branch:

Telephone Number: 009647804417973

Address: Nasiriyah, Al Hay district near the Nasiriyah Funfair, Al Shakiry forum building, Citizen Advice and Care Centre.

Email address: nasiriah@shakiry.com

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